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Together, we can work towards creating a greener future for all through the power of VEKIN sustainability efforts


Sustainable practices, high impact stats

Our Platform Leads the Way in Green Practices and CO2 Reduction

  • 90,000

    Tons of CO2 Removed

  • 10,000

    Green Transactions

  • 900,000$

    Green Product Purchased

VEKIN: An Innovative Solution for Managing the Energy Ecosystem and Achieving Decarbonization for All

Unlock complicated processes, costs, and times with VEKIN total energy ecosystem management, carbon monitoring and verification, and carbon tokenized platform utilizing converging technologies, analytic software, and business intelligence for corporate and households want to save energy and preserve the planet.

Digital Energy Ecosystem Management Platform


Digital Energy Ecosystem Management Platform

Assist utilities manager, facility management executives, and smart home owner to reduce your integration costs and times by connecting monitoring software with any devices enables seamless sharing of data via multiple systems on IoT platform.


Decarbonization Accreditation Platform

Monitor, report, and verify your company and your daily routine activities that emit carbon footprint by our software built on commitment to quality, trust and cutting edge technology to help you offset, find ways to change the cycle of carbon, and save the world

Decarbonization Accreditation Platform
Carbon Tokenized Platform


Carbon Tokenized Platform

Capture lower carbon emission activities of individuals and businesses and convert carbon credits to digital assets by the power of blockchain technology making your green daily activities more transparent, liquid andmeaningful.


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